Saturday, 21 May 2016

Don’t Ask For The Way...Just Make one

Because when you do, you’ll get lost.
The more you ask for the way, the more you’ll lose confidence in your own inner compass.
When you ask for the way, you’re going to hear many different opinions. Many different ways. And many different thoughts.
Only to be left with hundreds of different maps. That might or might not get you where you want to be.
And when you’re left with hundreds of different maps, with hundreds of different blueprints and recipes, how the hell do you even know which one is the right one for you? How do you know which one applies to you?
Right, you don’t know. And probably never will.
So instead of asking for the way all the time, instead of collecting dozens of different maps, try to listen more to that inner compass.
And be ready to accept the fact that taking the wrong exit every once in a while is part of the game.
It’s part of calibrating that inner compass of yours to get you where you want to be. Where you have to be…......So,  Stop, Think, Go ahead.....and achieve whatever you want....